Riley Hoback

Riley Hoback is a 3rd grade student at Brooks School Elementary. She enjoys music, art, and especially writing. When Riley found StoryJumper, she started having explosions of ideas! She loves solving problems, but most importantly bully problems. She wishes bullying would stop.

My Public Books

  • Riley is having the best time on vacation at her grandparent's house. But, is she having too much fun?
  • Josie is set on an adventure of friends! Will her friends find out that she plays with them both, or is she going to end up with no friends?
  • Jasmine and her friends are SUPER exited to go to Disney World for a week. But when she finds out her trip is canceled, she's heartbroken. Are her friends mad at her? If they are, she's dead meat! Like and comment to get a shout out!

My Collection - "Books I Like" Follow Collection

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