Estrella Ortiz

Estrella (Star) Ortiz lives in the country. She enjoys life by spending time with family, reading, and staying connected to close friends. Life is sweeter through the eyes of a child.

My Public Books

  • Joey needs a lot of help having a loose tooth removed to the point that his dad will do just about anything to relieve his son's annoying stubborn loose tooth. They've never encountered such a peculiar situation.
  • Sonny made the mistake of drawing a stick figure who came to life and wreaked havoc at his school. Mr. Blue does whatever he wants when he wants and Sonny regrets it. The chase begins. Who will win in the end?
  • Bullies were constantly tormenting Mike. One day, they went too far. Beaten and robbed of his bicycle, Mike has just about given up on fighting back, that is, until the 7 Ninjas take control.
  • There's a stinky battle going on! And no it's not the fish! A stubborn old fisherman brings his fishing boat to his favorite spot. A club owner Crab, relies on fish to come each week to see Crabs show. It's all about a fight for territory. Will the crab and fisherman compromise? Or will the crab and his friends attempt to overthrow the S.S. Stinky? listen or read on to find out!
  • Mom! We're bored! The whole family is stuck home. Dad has to work, Mom has the housework, Kids are done with school and don't know what to do with themselves. Does this sound familiar? Take a listen or read and find out how these two siblings deal with their "boring day".
  • Just a regular ten year old boy took a chance of a lifetime into the unknown. What he discovered was not only a making in the history of his dull life but a new friendship he never imagined would take place.
  • A shy sunflower doesn't believe he is beautiful just the way he is. With a mean little weed planted beside him, and a brutal hailstorm threatening all their lives, he musters up the courage to lift his beautiful golden head and make a big difference to the fragrant lives around him.
  • My walk with Jesus Christ is a process. There have been moments when everything seemed to fall apart, but with faith a small as a mustard seed, mountains were moved and my journey with Him continued. God bless you.

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